WhatsApp Emoticons List

Emoticons are commonly used in chats and email. They do not just make messaging more fun but they also help express emotions better, especially body language or facial expressions are not seen on these methods of communication.

WhatsApp is one of the applications that use these emoticons. Let’s get to know more about the WhatsApp emoticons list so you’ll know what you can use on your messages.

All WhatsApp Emoticons

WhatsApp Emoticons

Other devices support WhatsApp emoticons. However, iOS devices do not support these. But you can still use these fun smileys by using the emonji keyboard, which comes with these phones. Add this from your list of keyboards and a smiley icon will be added on your screen keyboard. Tapping this will show the smileys that you can use on your messages. But if you are using a device that support WhatsApp emoticons; there are so many emoticons that you can choose from.

Since there is a long list of these icons, they are divided into different categories. Tapping the smiley icon will bring up the list. Tapping the smiley, flower, bell, car and character icons will show different lists of emoticons.

1. Smiley Icon. Tapping on the smiley icon will show you common emoticons that are often used in messaging. You can find these even on other messengers. Some of them are smile, kiss, laughing out loud, sticking your tongue out, etc. Different types of people and animals can also be seen like policeman, girl, boy, old man, old woman, cat and monkey. Other icons that you can use are hand signals, clothes, shoes and purses. 

2. Flower Icon. Tapping on the flower icon will show you more animals. Some of them are dogs, cats, pigs, ducks, chicken, turtle, fishes and more. Trees, flowers, plants, sun, earth, moon and weather can also be found on the list.

3. Bell Icon. Tapping on the bell icon will give you a list of emoticons including camera, CD, gifts, lock keys, speaker, computer, phones, money, gadgets, mailbox, graphs, notebook, pencil, balls, guitars, foods, drinks and houses.

4. Car Icon. Tapping the car icon will show you a list of icons for transportation such as bus, boats and airplanes. Flags and various signs can also be seen under this list.

5.  Character Icon. Tapping on the character icon will give you numbers, arrows, Chinese characters, clock and shapes.

So there you have it, a short list of the available WhatsApp Emoticons. Keep in mind that WhatsApp can be used on PC Desktop or Mac Computers, by using special 3rd side programs such as Bluestacks or YouWave.

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