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You can now enjoy WhatsApp on your PC


You probably have WhatsApp on your android, Blackberry, Windows or Apple phone and most likely you’ve been wondering if you can transfer all this fun to your PC. Well, the answer to your question lies in this article. Keep reading to discover exactly how you can install and use WhatsApp on your PC.WhatsApp on PC
First and foremost you need a steady internet connection. Use the net to search for the many android emulators available in the market (Bluestacks or Youwave). Choose one of your own liking, download and install it on your PC. For proper functioning of the emulator, you need up-to-date VGA drivers. Consider updating them first before anything else. You can also go through the support page of the android emulator chosen for more specifications and requirements.
As soon as you have the software installed on your PC, sign up to your Google account. This is not mandatory but it is advisable. Subsequently, click on the search box and type WhatsApp on it. Once the results have appeared click on the icon to download WhatsApp on your PC. If you have an installation package of the same from your android phone, it functions too.
Once installed, WhatsApp will prompt you to follow verification procedures similar to what you do on the phone. The only difference is that you cannot receive call or texts on your PC. Therefore, keep your phone on and listen to the code dictated on that verification call. Key in the code on the dialog box in your PC and WhatsApp will be activated. There and then, you can commence using your WhatsApp on your PC.

Benefits of WhatsApp on PC
Once you have installed and activated WhatsApp on your PC, you stand to profit massively. The main advantage is speed for you can now afford to type at a faster speed. All thanks to your PC’s keyboard which is more comfortable to use while typing as compared to your phone’s keyboard. On PC, you can write really long messages within no time.
Internet on PC is also comparatively faster hence faster downloads. You no longer have to worry about space, your PC definitely has a large hard disk which will generously contribute to space availability for numerous downloads.
With WhatsApp on your PC working concurrently with that one installed on your phone, you sought of have an offline backup of your messages. In case messages on your phone get deleted, you will always have WhatsApp on PC as a backup.
For those students that want to WhatsApp while in class undetected, this is without doubt good news. You can pretend to be reading notes on PC while in the real sense you are on WhatsApp. This can go unnoticed for a long time unless of course you go blurting it out.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp on PC
While there are many advantages to gain from this ground-breaking feature, you will have to sacrifice a few luxuries. The very first luxury is mobility. With WhatsApp on PC you will hardly share messages and media while on the go.
Another disadvantage is that most methods of installing WhatsApp on PC are unofficial, hence a few inherent risks.